Top 5 Electric Car Charger Companies

Top 5 Electric Car Charger Companies

Most charging companies share a similar set of values, including reducing carbon emissions and making electric vehicle charging more accessible. Some, like Barcelona-based Wallbox, focus on the design of innovative EV chargers that combine functionality with style.

EVgo operates one of the largest networks of public EV charging stations in the United States. The company prioritizes fast-charging stations, which are key to overcoming range anxiety for new EV drivers.


EVgo is a fast-charging network that offers a wide range of charging speeds. Its stations can support both CHAdeMO and CCS plugs, so drivers can use their preferred connector. The company is now opening new locations and has a deal with Hertz that allows Hertz car rental customers to charge their electric vehicles for free for one year.

EVgo’s charging stations can be found in hotels, restaurants, parking garages, shopping centers and other convenient locations. They also offer level 1 EV chargers, which are popular with commuters. The company’s goal is to build a public EV charging network that rivals gas stations in convenience and location.

The company offers three pricing options – Pay electric car charger company As You Go, EVgo Member, and EVgo PlusMax. Members can reserve chargers in advance and get discounted per minute rates. Prices vary by region and are based on Time-of-Use (TOU) rates in California.

Electrify America

Electrify America is building a network of fast charging stations across the US. The company is partnered with truck stops, travel centers and other businesses. It also offers a home charging station called the HomeStation.

The company has a large fleet of DC fast chargers, which support both CCS and CHAdeMO connector types. These chargers can be used by both public and private drivers. The company also has a mobile service team that can repair chargers in the field.

The company’s network is growing rapidly, and is now the largest in the country. It is working with Pilot and Flying J truck stops to install new stations along interstates. These stations will have four or more EV charging stalls. They will also be located toward the back of the parking lot to prevent gas cars from blocking them. Electrify America also has a business division that provides customized end-to-end EV charging solutions to businesses, utilities and government agencies.


ChargePoint offers EV drivers the charging stations, mobile app and network that make it easy for them to replace their gasoline-powered cars with electric vehicles. In fact, they’ve already helped drivers save more than 6.4 million gallons of gas and drive over 158 million gas-free miles.

Unlike rival networks, ChargePoint’s open network allows hardware from multiple manufacturers and uses best-in-class software for EV charging and energy management. It also delivers proactive issue monitoring and 24/7 support for drivers.

EV drivers can find public chargers with the free ChargePoint app and access them by tapping their phone on the holster, much like inserting a credit card at a gas station. Users can set a maximum amount of time to charge, and the app will automatically reload if the driver doesn’t come back to add more power. The app also lists the prices of each station, which are usually based on local electricity rates but are left to the discretion of the station owner.


Enel-X produces smart EV charging stations that can be used at homes, businesses, apartments, condominiums and hospitality. These smart chargers are a great way to save on fuel costs and qualify for government incentives like the National Electric Vehicle Incentive (NEVI). Enel-X offers installation, operations and maintenance and financing services.

Its eMobility solutions portfolio includes flexible charging sessions and a software that solar road lights monitors and optimizes charging. It also helps companies identify and monetise their energy flexibility, which reduces operating costs and supports the transition to renewables.

Its business unit helps companies consciously make more beneficial and efficient choices, while its government unit provides services that help public administrations gain control over their energy assets. It also promotes the electrification of uses and digitalization. It currently manages 8.1 GW of demand response capacity, 3 million light points and 115 MW behind-the-meter storage worldwide. It supplies energy to around 60 million customers every day.


Siemens has a strong brand reputation that fosters customer trust and loyalty. This is due to the company’s history of innovation and quality products, as well as its global presence and wide-ranging expertise in various industries. Moreover, its diversification mitigates risks and provides growth opportunities in diverse markets.

The Carrollton facility is part of Siemens’ eMobility manufacturing and R&D footprint in the US, which includes the company’s manufacturing hubs in Grand Prairie and Pomona, CA, as well as an EV charger distribution center in Spartanburg, SC. The Carrollton plant will be able to quickly produce EV chargers in response to market demand.

It also will benefit from the economic incentives provided by President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, which encourages companies to manufacture their products in the US. In addition to lowering production costs, the new facility will also improve Siemens’ ability to compete with foreign competitors. The EV chargers produced at the Carrollton facility will be compatible with the Monta CPMS platform and will support EV charging services for corporate fleets and multifamily homes.

EV Connect

EV Connect provides software, management and other resources for EV charging networks. Its customers include companies that manage EV charging stations, as well as utilities and cities. Its products are used worldwide. The company also offers a mobile app that drivers can use to find charging spots.

Founded in 2024, EV Connect is one of the leading EV charging companies in the United States. It has more than 7,000 charging ports and offers a wide variety of services, from hardware to software. Its EV Connect app allows users to search for a charging station by location or station ID. It also displays the power level and accessibility of each charger.

The EV Connect network is competitive with rival fast-charging networks, especially since it includes the option to access chargers on partner networks. Its technology is built on open protocols and systems, and it prioritizes security.

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