Solar Road Lights

Solar Road Lights

Solar street lights are a great way to light roads and pathways, allowing people to safely use public spaces after dark. They also contribute to sustainable urban development by reducing energy consumption and encouraging community empowerment.

Solar lights do not need to connect to the electricity grid, saving project managers and city planners costly trenching and wiring fees. This makes them ideal for remote and off-grid locations.

Energy Efficiency

Solar street lights utilize energy from the sun to provide lighting for roadways and parking lots. They have a power supply that includes solar panels, a light fixture, and rechargeable batteries. The panels convert sunlight into electricity through the photovoltaic effect, while the batteries store the energy for use at night. This reduces reliance on the grid and cuts down on installation costs and maintenance expenses over time.

Compared to traditional lighting, modern LED solar street lights are up to 50% more efficient. They are also better for illuminating pedestrian solar road lights crossings, which helps reduce accidents and discourage crime. They are designed with an architecturally appealing batwing style that spreads the lighting evenly, making them suitable for any commercial property.

The solar panels and battery are often separated from the light pole for easier access to components for repairs or upgrades. This can also allow for different control options, such as a dusk to dawn schedule or remote monitoring and analytics.

All-in-One solar street lights are a great option for areas that are difficult to reach for power cables or where connecting to the grid is expensive or impossible. They also offer a quick return on investment with their reduced energy costs and low maintenance expenses.

Long Lifespan

Solar street lights offer a long lifespan compared to traditional lighting systems. They can be expected to operate for over 20 years with minimal maintenance and favorable environmental conditions. Their longevity reduces overall costs and energy consumption, making them a more sustainable solution for outdoor lighting applications.

The lifespan of solar road lights depends on the quality and condition of their components, which include the solar panels, batteries, and light sources. Choosing high-efficiency monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels and lithium batteries with a good discharge depth can extend their service life.

Light sources with a high luminous efficiency and long lifespan are also important for solar street lights. LEDs are a popular option because of their energy-efficient operation, high durability, and low power consumption. The service life of the battery, however, is largely determined by the design and implementation of the charging control system. Smart charge controllers monitor the battery voltage to prevent overcharging and optimize lighting performance based on specific requirements and conditions.

The installation of solar street lights can have a significant impact on public spaces, allowing them to be used longer into the night and promoting community activity. A well-lit environment can contribute to increased safety by reducing pedestrian accidents, vehicular crashes, and crime. Moreover, it can encourage social interaction and foster a sense of security within the local community.

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional grid electricity, solar road lights are self-sufficient and independent of the energy source. The solar panel, the battery and LEDs are all built into one single fixture that is easy to install and maintain. It also has fewer operational parts and does not need frequent bulb replacements. This reduces maintenance costs and downtime significantly.

The monocrystalline solar cell, high efficiency lithium ion batteries and LEDs are all incorporated into the same system, resulting in a more compact and durable lighting solution. This means the system can be installed more easily without the need for underground or overhead cabling onsite. The design also makes it easier to inspect and repair the unit, reducing the risk of power outages in the future.

Additionally, the GPRS monitoring system can keep track of electric car charger company each electrical component in the lighting pole and report faults directly to the control room. This eliminates the need to conduct manual inspections or to dispatch technicians to the site, further reducing maintenance costs.

By using solar energy for illumination, solar street lights help to cut down reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to a greener, cleaner world. They are also a great way to demonstrate your community’s commitment to sustainability and encourage residents and visitors to embrace eco friendly practices. These benefits make solar lighting a popular choice among urban planners and municipalities worldwide.

Smart Technology

The smart technology used in our solar street lights enables them to adjust the lighting output depending on whether or not there is movement. The system can turn the light on when it detects pedestrians, dim the lighting when traffics(cars and pedestrians) decrease in the middle of the night and gradually increase the brightness in the early morning when the city comes alive. This can save a lot of energy, thus minimizing the impact on the environment.

As major cities around the world prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly infrastructure, solar street lights have emerged as a vital component. They are not only a sustainable alternative to traditional street lights, but also present a variety of benefits that align with the smart city ethos.

Greenshine’s solar powered street lights feature a monocrystalline solar panel and a lithium battery, providing a clean and efficient way to illuminate the streets while minimizing energy consumption. The system also includes a unique design that eliminates the need for external wires, making it safe and easy to install, repair, or replace.

Our solar street lights are also made with galvanized steel and corrosion-resistant, lightweight aluminum. This lowers environmental impact even further, and the material is recyclable at the end of its service life. Each fixture is also equipped with a motion sensor to automatically activate the lights at night, thereby saving electricity and increasing efficiency.

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